Is it still possible to buy new typewriter ribbons for my typewriter?

Definitely. Most typewriters uses ribbons in either Group 1, Group 4 or Group 9. It might be hard to know which one your typewriters needs, so we've also listed the different brands as well when you pick a ribbon for your typewriter in our shop. You can see our ribbons here. In case you have any questions about what type of ribbon(s) you need, feel free to contact us!


Do you ship to all Countries?

Definitely! We ship worldwide.


Processing time?

All orders are dispatched between 1-2 working days. 


Will I get instructions on how to use my new typewriter?

Each purchased Typewriter will include a set of documents that we personally prepare for you that includes.

  • BSIE Typewriter certificate.
  • Instructions of how to use your new Typewriter.


Will My Typewriter be packed securely? 

Each item is professionally and securely packed for shipment all around the world to reduce risk of damage.


Are all your typewriters in working order?

Yes, all of our typewriters are personally and professionally serviced prior shipment.  

If you have any other questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact us.