Who are BSIE?

BSIE is first of all a passionate couple.

She is Stephanie, she is French.

He is Mads, he is Danish. 

In the beginning, it´s a common addiction to photography, combined with the magic of Instagram, which has make possible their paths to cross anonymously, before they decided to interwine their destinies.

Like their story, typewriters, it´s a whole story ...

It all started in Copenhagen, with this passion for typewriters that Mads, as Architect, first fell in love with, finding amazing antique machines.

He has worked for years with metals, and never stop to marvel at the quality materiel.

These machines which have been able to pass through time thanks to the strength and quality of the materials used during the last century.

Then, Mads ended up contaminating Stephanie, thus escaping her daily life as a Lawyer.

They finally decided to repatriate their little treasures to Nice where they settled, and it is here, on the French Riviera, that they now run their small family business.